Davis, state representative and advocate for clean air, heartened by Allegheny County’s report on improved air quality

HARRISBURG, Jan. 26 – State Rep. Austin Davis, D-Allegheny, released the following statement today regarding Allegheny County’s record-breaking air quality across the region:

“Clean air is a fundamental right. Today’s announcement is heartwarming because it highlights that fact. People should not be subjected to subpar air quality simply because of where they live, and I commend the collective efforts of the Allegheny County Health Department, federal, state, and local agencies, industry, and all of the advocates involved in making that a reality.

“This is not just a win for environmentalists; it is a step towards equitable living standards, it is a means for protecting the lives of our most vulnerable and it is an example of what is achievable when we all work together.

“This is great news, and I am overjoyed by this report, but the fight is not over, and we must all continue advocating for increased air quality across the region, across the Commonwealth and across the country. However, today, we should take solace in the fact that we can breathe a little easier,” Davis said.