Davis: $1.2 million in funding awarded to Allegheny County to assist with homelessness during winter months

HARRISBURG, Nov. 30 – State Rep. Austin Davis, chairman of the Allegheny County House Democratic Delegation for the 2021-22 legislative session, announced today an influx of $1.2 million was disbursed to Allegheny County to assist residents currently experiencing homelessness.

“Everyone in the commonwealth deserves a roof over their head, especially during the cold winter months,” Davis said. “Our delegation has worked tirelessly to ensure no Allegheny County resident is left behind, and this funding will ensure the county has the proper resources to accommodate our at-risk homeless community and provide shelter to those in need.”

The funding awarded today will be disbursed to ACTION Housing/Team PSBG for temporary emergency sheltering; Community Human Services for emergency sheltering; and to Pittsburgh Mercy for temporary emergency sheltering.

Davis said the commonwealth recently received its second allocation of Emergency Solutions Grant funding from the CARES Act funds, and the Department of Community and Economic Development set aside a portion of those funds to create the ESG-CV Code Blue program, which helps provide emergency shelter in preparation for the winter months.

Under the program, Davis said funding will be provided for emergency shelter and temporary emergency shelter to expand shelter for those experiencing homelessness in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic. The funds will be used to assist homeless providers and communities prepare for, prevent the spread of and respond to the coronavirus by providing emergency shelter, targeted street outreach, and temporary emergency shelter for individuals experiencing homelessness this winter.