More than $230K in Safe Schools Targeted Grants awarded to educational entities serving Mon Valley students

HARRISBURG, Nov. 16 – An influx of more than $230,000 in Safe Schools Targeted Grants were awarded today to educational entities that serve students in the Mon Valley, announced state Rep. Austin Davis, D-Allegheny.

The grants, awarded by the state Department of Education, are awarded to schools to prevent and reduce violent incidents, to purchase safety and security-related equipment, and to provide for the training and compensation of school resource and police officers.

“Providing a safe environment for students to thrive has been an important issue my office has hoped to tackle,” Davis said. “The work is far from done, but today’s grants are a stepping stone to ensuring our students can attend school safely, without the fear of violent acts taking place on school property.”

Davis said PDE’s Office for Safe Schools offers four types of safety grants: equipment grants of up to $25,000; program grants of up to $20,000; School Police Officer grants of up to $40,000; and School Resource Officer grants of up to $60,000. Each of the grants aims to assist schools in:

  • Reducing unnecessary student disciplinary actions and promoting an environment of greater productivity, safety and learning.
  • Enhancing anti-violence efforts between schools and parents, local governments, law enforcement and community organizations.

Davis said The Propel Charter School in Homestead was awarded a $18,508 program grant, and McKeesport Area School District received $40,000 for a school police officer.

The following Intermediate Units serving Mon Valley students received equipment funding:

  • IU 3 - Pittsburgh Urban Christian School - Middle School - $19,125.
  • IU 3 - Pressley Ridge School for the Deaf - $25,000.
  • IU 3 - Sister Thea Bowman Catholic Academy - $25,000.
  • IU 3 - Universal Academy of Pittsburgh - $25,000.
  • IU 3 - Cornerstone Prep Wilson Campus - $22,575.
  • IU 3 - Glen Montessori - $19,650.
  • IU 3 - Holy Family Specialized Learning - $5,241.
  • IU 3 - Mary of Nazareth - $8,675.
  • IU 3 - Nazareth Prep - $24,949.

In total, more than $9 million in competitive 2020-21 Safe Schools Targeted Grants were awarded Monday statewide. For a complete list of grant recipients and their grant amounts, visit the Office for Safe Schools webpage.