Davis announces $23 million investment in Clairton’s water, wastewater system

HARRISBURG, Oct. 21 – Clairton’s sewage system will receive major improvements thanks to a $23 million state loan announced today, said state Rep. Austin Davis.

Davis said the loan, approved for Clairton’s municipal authority and awarded by the Pennsylvania Infrastructure and Investment Authority, or Pennvest, will provide a much-needed reduction in combined sewage overflow and the elimination of sanitary sewage overflow.

“It’s important we keep our wastewater plants up-to-speed and utilize state dollars granted to our communities so that we can ensure residents are getting top-of-the-line water and wastewater services,” Davis said. “I’d like to thank the Pennsylvania Infrastructure Investment Authority for supporting this substantial loan, as I know it will be put to good use in Clairton and positively impact those in the community.”

Davis said the project will include the installation of four bioreactor basins, two effluent water storage tanks, four flow/storage clarifiers and two chlorine contact tanks.

He added that these installations will increase the biological treatment capacity at Clairton’s wastewater plant and increase available flows from 6 million gallons per day to 10.83 million gallons per day.

Davis said the $23 million low-interest loan awarded today to Clairton is to be paid back at 1% interest over 20 years.