Davis holds virtual news conference discussing Right-to-Repair bill

Legislation would give power back to consumer, help fight COVID-19 pandemic

HARRISBURG, April 22 – State Rep. Austin Davis, D-Allegheny, on Wednesday held a virtual press conference centered around his Right-to-Repair bill, a measure that would give power back to the consumer and has the potential to save lives during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“The right to repair your own device, which you bought, seems like a practice that should be commonplace, given the fact you purchased the product with your own money,” Davis said. “Unfortunately, that’s not the case here in the commonwealth. This legislation would amend this issue, giving consumers the ability to make self-repairs on their own.”

Davis’ bill, H.B. 2326, would require original equipment manufacturers to provide necessary information to assist consumers in repairing the digital devices they own. It also would grant consumers access to the software, parts and instructions required in making self-repairs safely.

Davis said his legislation is all-encompassing in regard to self-repair, but noted its extreme importance to the current healthcare crisis surrounding COVID-19 and ventilators, which has been a heavily reported topic since many manufacturers have been withholding repair manuals.

“This is legislation that goes far beyond the current health crisis affecting the nation. But make no mistake – this is a bill that could help fight the COVID-19 pandemic in Pennsylvania and save the lives our residents,” Davis said.

Aside from Davis, additional speakers at Wednesday’s news conference included:

  • Emma Horst-Martz, PennPIRG campaign associate.
  • Barbara Maguire, ISS Solutions-Geisinger.
  • Dan Dalton, Pennsylvania Association of Sustainable Agriculture.
  • Tim Mentzer, Mentzer Repairs in Ephrata, Pa.

House Bill 2326 has been referred to the House Commerce Committee. Davis said he hopes his bill will be voted out of the committee and considered on the House floor soon.