Davis: $41,250 in NAP credits awarded to Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh

HARRISBURG, Dec. 18 – Tax credits of $41,250 under the Neighborhood Assistance Program will enhance Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh’s renovation and modification efforts in Clairton, state Rep. Austin Davis, D-Allegheny, announced today.

“Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh does great work in the Mon Valley, providing low-income homeowners who are unable to afford the upkeep associated with home ownership a helping hand, which ultimately improves these homeowners’ quality of life,” Davis said. “I look forward to the work that will accompany these awarded tax credits, and I know Clairton residents do, too.”

Davis said Rebuilding Together Pittsburgh will work in unison with other local service providers to provide low-income homeowners with renovations and modifications to their homes, which will allow these homeowners to continue living independently while also enhancing the economic revitalization of their neighborhood.

NAP encourages private sector investment into projects that will help improve distressed communities by providing tax credits to businesses that donate capital to support projects that address neighborhood and community.