Davis applauds Gov. Tom Wolf’s executive action

HARRISBURG, Oct. 3 – On Thursday, state Rep. Austin Davis, D-Allegheny, applauded Gov. Tom Wolf’s executive action instructing the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to join the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative:

“The action taken today on behalf of the governor was a three-pronged, proactive approach at reducing greenhouse gas emissions, combatting climate change and enhancing economic growth here in the commonwealth.

“These are ongoing issues across the country and especially the state. His decision today to direct the DEP to work in unison with nine other Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states to combat this crisis is a firm example of how his office has time and time again put their best foot forward in making Pennsylvania a leader among neighboring states.

“Climate change is the single largest threat we as a society currently face. A change needs to happen now, and I applaud Governor Wolf for taking action when action was needed more than ever. Not to mention, RGGI states have reduced power sector CO2 pollution by 45% since 2005, while the region’s per-capita GDP has continued to grow. So, this is an initiative that works and, in the end, lightens the load on residents’ pockets regarding costly electric bills.

“The governor has my full support, and I’m confident other legislators and state residents will be able to stand behind a plan of this nature, too.”