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O’Brien announces legislation to increase protections for whistleblowers

(Apr 05, 2018)

O’Brien announces $458,000 state solar grant for 'SoNo' project

(Mar 16, 2018)

2018-19 State Budget Hearings -- Video Links of Completed Hearings

(Mar 08, 2018)

Governor presents jobs-focused budget while GOP stomps away

(Feb 09, 2018)

O’Brien welcomes Wolf’s proposed increase for education, call for severance tax on natural gas drilling

(Feb 06, 2018)

PA Supreme Court gives win to voters

(Jan 26, 2018)

O’Brien urges Pennsylvania congressional delegation to pass Dream Act by Friday

(Jan 18, 2018)

Doctors and their patients should make medical decisions, not legislators

(Dec 12, 2017)

A must focus on jobs, not on restricting health care

(Dec 07, 2017)

Pa. granted READ ID extension through October 2018

(Oct 20, 2017)