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Sept. 29 senior health fair at Metowers Apartments; Beware of flood-damaged cars; Persian Gulf Vets' Bonus Program expires in 2018

(Sep 20, 2017)

Shred event on Oct. 7 and Job and Career Fair on Oct. 12; Banning devious charities; and how to detect gas pump credit card skimmers

(Sep 19, 2017)

Veterans deserve income exclusion for Pa. programs; New newsletter available online; Bellevue's birthday; and saying no to hate crimes

(Sep 13, 2017)

Help hurricane victims with donations to trustworthy groups; Tips to thwart credit card skimmers; and new DUI law in effect

(Aug 30, 2017)

Liberty Bridge, outbound tunnel closing Aug. 25 for weekend project; Beat the Sept. 1 credit-rate increase on Guaranteed Savings Plan

(Aug 24, 2017)

HB 1737 aims to bolster chiropractic programs, interns; $1 fishing licenses available for Labor Day

(Aug 22, 2017)

Ravenstahl unveils legislation to bolster chiropractic programs, interns

(Aug 18, 2017)

Protect your eyes when viewing Aug. 21 solar eclipse; New Eagle Scouts in district; and Allegheny County Lead Safe Homes Program

(Aug 14, 2017)

First day of school just weeks away; New school rules require vaccinations within 5 days

(Aug 08, 2017)

Local events on tap for Aug. 1 National Night Out; Help available to fight scams; and DMVA, my offices assist veterans

(Jul 26, 2017)