Policy Point of the Day Archive

March 28, 2017

According to the Center for American Progress, President Trump’s proposed budget would cut in PA over $93 million in supporting effective instruction grants, which would pay for salaries of 1,438 teachers, and over $42 million to the 21st CCLC after-school program, which serves 63,814 students. His budget eliminates funding for both programs. 

March 27, 2017

A new Legislative Budget and Finance Committee report has estimated that the state police was overfunded by $222.2 million for patrol services from the Motor License Fund in fiscal year 2015-16. The state police received $755 million from this fund due to increased costs for covering municipalities that do not have local police. 

March 24, 2017

According to Gift of Life Donor Program, more than 8,300 people in PA are waiting for a life-saving organ transplant. An estimated 10 people die each week in PA due to the lack of available organs for transplant. About 9.9 million residents have a driver’s license or state ID card, but only 46% of them are registered as organ and tissue donors. 

March 23, 2017

A recent Future of Business Survey states that 60% of women-run businesses report positive future outlooks. Women comprise at least 65% of top management at 32% of small businesses and 68% of women-run businesses are sole proprietorships. 

March 22, 2017

A researcher found that there were 19,730 marijuana possession arrests in PA in 2016, equal to all other drugs combined. If PA legalized marijuana, PA could receive over $585 million annually in new tax revenue and save $70 million annually by stopping arrests and prosecutions for cannabis.