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Beware of flood-damaged cars that may be for sale

(Sep 20, 2017)

Petrarca reminding public about landmark Pa. animal protection law taking effect Monday

(Aug 24, 2017)

New vaccination requirements reminder for Pa. schools

(Aug 09, 2017)

Derry Area School District receives $300,000 education grant

(Aug 08, 2017)

Libre’s Law – a new lease on life for pets and animals – signed

(Jun 29, 2017)

Petrarca seeks boost in clubs’ share from small games of chance

(Jun 13, 2017)

Rep. Petrarca introduces bill to increase organ donation in Pennsylvania

(May 25, 2017)

State Police promoting seat belt safety

(May 17, 2017)

Petrarca: Washington Township receives $16,000 traffic signal grant

(May 12, 2017)

Petrarca amendment to end marriage license waiting period adopted by committee

(May 09, 2017)