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Rabb renews call for 'glass pipeline' on replacing SRC with locally controlled school board

(Dec 13, 2017)

Rabb speaks out against GOP budget-gimmick bill, touts his commonsense solution

(Dec 12, 2017)

Rabb responds to PPA audits, pushes for Philadelphia to regain local control

(Dec 08, 2017)

11/29/17 – Bold Budget Innovations – Philadelphia

(Dec 01, 2017)

House Democratic Policy Committee examines bold budget innovations

(Nov 29, 2017)

Rabb to host House Democratic Policy Committee hearing on bold budget innovations Wednesday in Philadelphia

(Nov 27, 2017)

Rabb calls for transparency in replacing the SRC

(Nov 17, 2017)
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Rabb Fighting to Protect Access to Contraception

(Nov 13, 2017)

Rabb outraged by mistreatment of intellectually disabled adults

(Nov 02, 2017)

State lawmakers push bill to protect insurance coverage of contraceptives

(Nov 01, 2017)