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Neilson: Seeking a REAL ID extension is a good start, legislative fix still needed

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Neilson invites constituents to his senior expo

(Apr 13, 2017)

Senior Expo April 28

(Mar 28, 2017)

Neilson, House members advocate for ‘My Work, My Choice’

(Mar 13, 2017)
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Neilson Fights For "My Work, My Choice"

(Mar 13, 2017)

Neilson: House adopts resolution declaring February as 'National Senior Independence Month' in Pa.

(Feb 06, 2017)
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Letter to the Editor: It’s time to resolve PA's REAL ID issue

(Jan 24, 2017)
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Pennsylvania faces tight window to comply with federal ID law

(Jan 23, 2017)

Neilson resolution to remember Holocaust victims

(Jan 20, 2017)

Neilson sworn in to serve the 174th Legislative District

(Jan 03, 2017)
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Neilson explains impending REAL ID deadline

(Dec 30, 2016)