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Matzie: $500,000 grant will help area employer expand operations

(Aug 01, 2019)

Matzie: Nearly $74,000 in grants will bring fresh fruits and vegetables to Beaver County school menu

(Jul 16, 2019)

Matzie: $275,000 in funding to benefit Beaver County housing, home modification, and rental and utility assistance projects

(Jul 12, 2019)

Matzie: Low-interest loan will help area employer expand operations

(Jul 03, 2019)
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Matzie Delivers Opening Prayer

(Jun 27, 2019)

Matzie votes ‘yes’ on state budget

(Jun 25, 2019)

House unanimously passes Matzie bill to strengthen enforcement efforts against pyramid schemes, protect public from scams

(Jun 24, 2019)

Matzie lauds UPMC-Highmark 10-year agreement

(Jun 24, 2019)

Matzie: More than $750,000 to support victims of crime and abuse, fund drug treatment programs, update police recordkeeping

(Jun 17, 2019)

House unanimously adopts Matzie’s ‘Pollinator Week’ resolution

(Jun 12, 2019)