Latest News Launches with Bipartisan Support to Bring Retirement Security Program to Pennsylvania

(Feb 08, 2018)

House Democratic leaders welcome Wolf budget proposal

(Feb 06, 2018)

Millions in State Grant Funds Approved for Westinghouse Castle in Wilmerding, Parking Structure in Monroeville, Brewster, Markosek say

(Dec 28, 2017)

Attendance Streak Unbroken, Markosek Completes 35th Year of Public Service as State Representative

(Dec 19, 2017)

PA House Democrats urge action on Plan for PA with values and policies that put people first

(Nov 27, 2017)

Brewster, Markosek: Transportation, Recreation, Public Safety, Flood Mitigation Projects Approved

(Nov 14, 2017)

House Democratic leaders mark budget completion

(Oct 26, 2017)

Fall 2017 Newsletter

(Sep 29, 2017)