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Kim: Teamwork Is Helping Harrisburg

(1 day ago)

Panel discussion" Women & Homelessness

(Sep 24, 2018)

Kim announces $1 million state grant for downtown Harrisburg redevelopment

(Aug 10, 2018)

Legislative package would help incarcerated women, parents in Pa.

(Jun 21, 2018)

Rep. Kim and Sen. Haywood on why we need to Raise The Wage

(May 25, 2018)
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Telling The Story Of Vietnam, One Name At A Time

(May 10, 2018)

RSVP here for my Expungement Clinic on June 2, 2018

(Apr 24, 2018)

Beware of student aid scams targeting unsuspecting students and their families

(Apr 05, 2018)

PLBC scholarships available for students of color

(Mar 06, 2018)
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Kim: Protect Our Women, Pass #MeToo Legislation

(Mar 01, 2018)