Harkins announces grant for John F. Kennedy Senior Center

ERIE, Feb. 22 – The Pennsylvania Department of Aging announced a number of senior community center grants this afternoon.


State Rep. Patrick Harkins, D-Erie, reports that the John F. Kennedy Senior Center will receive $129,239 for capital improvements.


"I am thrilled to announce this grant to such an important part of our senior community," Harkins said. "This grant will allow the center to take care of long-overdue maintenance and upgrades, which have been bypassed so that the center could focus the majority of its funds on the critical programs they provide."


The grant money will be used for a seven-part project that is expected to run from this September through April, 2018.


The initial phase will upgrade the freezer, cooler and ice-maker for the kitchen. Future improvements include renovating the men's and women's gym restrooms to bring them in to ADA compliance, leveling and replacing the tile floor in the gymnasium, replacing some carpeting and re-doing some walls.


The final part of the project, currently scheduled for next April, is the purchase and installation of an outdoor L.E.D. JFK Senior Center sign.


"I look forward to the completion of these improvements and the long-term benefits for our senior community," Harkins said.