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DeLuca highlights 'good government' bills at news conference, calls on State Government Committee chairman to move bills

(1 day ago)

DeLuca will highlight ‘good government’ bills, call on chairman to act at Tuesday news conference

(Apr 16, 2018)

DeLuca announces funding to create housing for formerly homeless veterans

(Apr 13, 2018)

House passes DeLuca bill that would create state health standards for tattoo, body piercing industry

(Apr 11, 2018)

DeLuca: Forty-two charged in AG’s statewide insurance fraud sweep

(Apr 06, 2018)

DeLuca to introduce legislation safeguarding residents of small personal care homes

(Mar 27, 2018)

DeLuca legislation plays role in Gov. Wolf’s 21st century voting reform plan

(Mar 26, 2018)

DeLuca introduces legislation limiting amount of times school districts could increase taxes without taxpayers’ consent

(Mar 15, 2018)

PennDOT, DEP seek volunteers for statewide spring cleanup, beautification effort

(Mar 12, 2018)
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Persian Gulf veterans: a benefit program is available to you

(Mar 01, 2018)