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DeLissio to host state Corrections Secretary Wetzel at August Town Hall

(Aug 02, 2018)

DeLissio applauds progress of Pa. medical marijuana program

(Jul 27, 2018)

DeLissio: Spending plan increases funding for education and workforce development

(Jul 03, 2018)

DeLissio to host state Health Secretary Levine at July Town Hall

(Jun 29, 2018)

DeLissio announces 2017-18 Peer to Peer, Unsung Hero awards

(Jun 29, 2018)

House Democratic Women’s Caucus denounces child separations, which are especially offensive to women

(Jun 20, 2018)

DeLissio joins PA State Council for Engage Cuba

(Jun 12, 2018)

DeLissio announces 74th Town Hall meeting

(Jun 01, 2018)

DeLissio’s legislative office focused on service

(Jun 01, 2018)

DeLissio: $986,715 grant awarded to support Phase III of the City Avenue Project

(May 17, 2018)