Costa: $75,900 state grant to provide cleaner-running school buses

PITTSBURGH, Aug. 16 – State Rep. Dom Costa, D-Allegheny, today announced that transportation provider AKS Inc., headquartered in Etna, has received a $75,900 grant from the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection to upgrade its fleet of diesel-powered school buses.


Costa said congratulations are in order because the local firm is replacing four of its older diesel-powered buses with newer diesel-powered models – a move that has a big air-quality benefit.


“This upgrade will substantially reduce emissions of hydrocarbons, fine particulate matter, nitrogen oxides and carbon monoxide, helping clean up the air we breathe,” Costa said. “Also, the older and more heavily polluting buses will be scrapped or rendered permanently inoperable, meaning they’ll be taken off the road permanently.”


Costa said AKS Inc. was eligible for the DEP funding because the purpose of its project is to improve air quality by reducing diesel emissions from mobile sources.


The company provides transportation for the City of Pittsburgh, in addition to several school districts and charter schools in Allegheny County.