Costa appointed Democratic chairman of House Ethics Committee

HARRISBURG, May 24 – State Rep. Dom Costa, D-Allegheny, has been appointed Democratic chairman of the House Ethics Committee for the 2017-18 legislative session, an eight-member body whose mission is ensuring House members and staff uphold high standards of conduct.


Costa said the committee’s duties include investigating and dealing with alleged violations of House rules, and issuing advisory opinions at the request of House members or employees.


The legislative code of ethics, the lobby disclosure act and developing new rules of ethical conduct also fall under its purview, Costa said, as does planning and conducting House ethics education courses – including updating and distributing member and staff handbooks on ethical conduct.


“Being selected as the ranking Democrat on this important committee is an honor and a solemn obligation,” Costa said. “Of all the things applicable to holding a public service position while maintaining the public’s trust, none is more important that carrying out one’s duties in the highest ethical manner and making sure your actions are beyond reproach.”


Costa said the House Ethics Committee is evenly split with four Democratic and four Republican members, and meets as needed to fulfill its statutory obligations and handle any matters brought before it.


Other Democratic members of the committee are state Reps. Peter Schweyer, D-Lehigh; Steven Kinsey, D-Phila.; and Mary Jo Daley, D-Montgomery.