Costa, Policy Committee look at uniform towing regulations statewide

PITTSBURGH, March 28 – State Rep. Dom Costa hosted a House Democratic Policy Committee today at the Sharpsburg Borough Building to discuss towing regulations in Pennsylvania.

Costa requested the hearing to examine responding to and towing from crash scenes, as well as insurance industry concerns.

“This hearing stems from multiple complaints I have received from constituents, insurance companies, local government, and a KDKA TV investigative report,” Costa said. “Towing reform is long overdue. Among other things, we need to stop rogue towers from taking advantage of accident victims before law enforcement arrives at the scene.”

Policy Committee Chairman Mike Sturla, D-Lancaster, added: “I thank Representative Costa for bringing this issue to the Policy Committee’s attention. The testifiers did a good job highlighting the various towing problems and I look forward to seeing Representative Costa’s legislation to fix them.”

Testifiers included Pittsburgh Police Chief Scott Schubert, Lt. Ed Cunningham and Sgt. Rich Begenwald; Councilman Dan Gilman, Pittsburgh City Council District 8; Steven Wheeler, executive director, Pennsylvania Auto Theft Prevention Authority; John Halbleib, owner, Halbleib Automotive and D-Maxx Automotive; and a panel from the National Insurance Crime Bureau: Tim Lynch, director of government affairs, and John McCall, special agent, Mid-Atlantic region.

Hearing materials are available at