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Ahead of SRC meeting, Cruz joins Philadelphia Delegation members to defend disbanding decision

(Nov 16, 2017)

Cruz announces $500,000 grant for Philadelphia Streets Department

(Nov 14, 2017)

Cruz: October designated Indigenous Peoples' Month in Pennsylvania

(Oct 30, 2017)

State representatives urge Congress to act quickly on Puerto Rico relief efforts

(Oct 02, 2017)

Cruz informs about reestablished services to help families in Puerto Rico

(Sep 29, 2017)

Cruz hosts Coquí Festival to promote efforts to help Puerto Rico

(Sep 26, 2017)

Cruz to host Philadelphia Police Department for recruitment drive

(Sep 18, 2017)

Cruz condemns President Trump’s decision to end DACA

(Sep 13, 2017)

Cruz condemns Trump administration’s decision to end DACA

(Sep 08, 2017)

Cruz to celebrate Puerto Rican festivities kick-off on Sept. 19

(Sep 07, 2017)