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Harrisburg is broken: Democrats take aim at fixing it

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Petrarca-introduced bill would use child abuse-animal cruelty connection to fight abuse

(Apr 22, 2016)

Neuman seeks increased focus on drug addiction

(Apr 18, 2016)

Dean victim-protection bill stripped of core housing safeguards

(Apr 15, 2016)

Roebuck introduces bipartisan bill to provide more substitute teachers

(Apr 14, 2016)

Sturla lauds House approval of medical marijuana

(Apr 13, 2016)

Clean slate legislation would give people a second chance

(Apr 13, 2016)

House passes Petrarca's statute of limitations bill

(Apr 12, 2016)

House passes Caltagirone anti-blight bill

(Apr 11, 2016)

Neuman: End ‘pay-to-play’ to fix broken Harrisburg

(Apr 11, 2016)

Bizzarro introduces bill banning payment for serving on boards

(Apr 11, 2016)