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House Democratic leaders welcome Wolf budget proposal

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Dermody comment on congressional redistricting

(Feb 13, 2018)

Sturla expresses optimism for Wolf's 2018/19 fiscal year budget proposal

(Feb 06, 2018)

Dermody welcomes Wolf’s education initiative in budget

(Feb 02, 2018)

Phila. Delegation calls for federal reassurance on Pa. medical marijuana

(Feb 01, 2018)

Bill to protect net neutrality in Pennsylvania moving through House

(Feb 01, 2018)

Gainey bill would require veterinarians to report opioid prescriptions

(Jan 29, 2018)

Costa’s efforts pay off as direct wine shipments soar

(Jan 26, 2018)

Readshaw’s proposal strengthening licensee reporting passes House

(Jan 24, 2018)

House passes Rothman/Matzie bill that would limit use of automatic plate readers

(Jan 23, 2018)

A victory for people over entrenched special interests

(Jan 22, 2018)